OwlPlug app and ecosystem are mostly maintained in Lyon, France. Lyon is an ideal hub for the musical industries, featuring a well-established network of research centers and startups combined with a multifaceted arts landscape.

OwlPlug aims to promote a more open music industry by providing features to unify and remove walls between audio standards. Promoting and distributing open-source audio plugins is a way to redefine the landscape of the audio tech industry. Open standards bring new collective opportunities to build and distribute audio apps, leading to a more accessible and inclusive ecosystem for musicians. 

The Community

OwlPlug is built by the community, you can get involved by joining the official discord server. There are several ways to support and get involved in the OwlPlug development.


The current OwlPlug economic model is a donation-ware. This model is inefficient for generating the consistent revenue needed to dedicate time to the development. Because Owlplug is developed during developers’ free time, the lack of time is the only limiting factor. 

OwlPlug is actively looking for Sponsorship to keep publishing new releases and features.