Here is our Roadmap with the main features we want to implement. New versions of OwlPlug are released every 3 months with bugfixes and changes suggested by the community.

If you have suggestions, open a new issue on the github repository.

  • Discovery Update

    Released on February 2019

    VST3 extended discovery

  • Native Update

    Released on April 2019

    Platform native host capabilities. Advanced plugin metadata discovery, Windows Installer.

  • Plugin directory Links

    Released on June 2019

    Repository feature replacement. Merge your plugin directories with plugins installed everywhere on the file system using Symbolic links.

  • macOS Support

    Released on January 2020 Help us !

    MacOS compatibility overhaul and bugfixes. OSX native packaged installer

  • Audio Units discovery


    Audio Units (AU) format discovery

  • Community Hub

    Not yet scheduled

    Community / News section, BugFixes, UI/UX improvements.

    Custom URI Schemes

  • OwlPlug Release

    Not yet scheduled

    Official release of OwlPlug client. It will bring major stability and performance overhaul accross Windows and Mac.

  • OwlPlug Marketplace

    Not yet scheduled

    This is one of the biggest feature we want to implement for OwlPlug. A complete marketplace where anyone can submit plugins and a way for developers to get paid for their work. Something like Steam, but community-driven. We are determined to implement this but this is a huge task. It requires to build an entire secured platform.

  • Embedded Host

    Not yet scheduled

    Simple MIDI instrument / effect host, load and test plugins, display plugin UI.