OwlPlug only supports VST2 and VST3 plugins. Other formats like AU or WAM may be supported in the future.

All issues and suggestions about OwlPlug client are tracked on the github repository.

If the issue is on OwlPlug Central or a plugin delivered by OwlPlug Central, open an issue on the central repository. You can use the status page to track downtimes and maintenances on OwlPlug services.

Absolutely. OwlPlug will be able to automatically recognize plugins you added manually.


Here is some known third party store

  • Krakli plugins (By Shane Dunne):
  • GyL Synths (By Shane Dunne):
  • More stores are listed on the github repository page

For now, only few plugins are distributed through OwlPlug Central. Make your favorite plugin creators discover OwlPlug, this will help us a lot. However, you can pull packages from compatible third party stores like VST4free which brings thousands of plugins.

If you are a developer, you can submit your plugin to OwlPlug Central. The plugin will be fully hosted and distributed by OwlPlug Central. Your plugin must meet some conditions for being approved. Plugin submissions are managed on the central repository.

If you are distributing a set of plugin or if you want to keep distribution on your side, you can set up a compatible store. Users will be able to download your plugins by adding your store to their remote sources in the client.

No. We would like. We think it’s a good way to fund plugin creators for their work. In any case, Owlplug itself will remain free and will always support free and open source initiatives.

All plugins available in OwlPlug Central have been strongly verified. Third-party stores are not managed by us, so we can’t guarantee their integrity. You should use them with caution and configure third-party stores only for trusted providers.